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Ventilate Compost: If you place a length of 2 inch PVC pipe into your compost pile, it will ventilate it.  It also makes it easier to add water to it if necessary.

Decompose Faster:  If you add a large bottle of cola to your compost once a week or so and turn it, it should decompose the material faster.  They say it also causes the compost to speed up seed germination and plant growth when used.

Compost Care:  The most common cause of a composter giving off an ammonia type smell, is usually too much wet or green material in it.  Add some dry or brown material, like straw, dried grass or dried leaves to it to eliminate the odor.

Pesky Dandelions:  Have your dandelions already gone to seed?  Use a gas BBQ lighter, direct the flame onto the fluffy tops of the dandelions and burn the seeds before they can fly away and reproduce.  Don't ust this method on lawns where the grass is dry!

Annoying Weeds:  It will make your weeding job a lot easier if you wait untill a heavy rainfall before weeding.  A clever tool to use for weeding is a beer can opener.  All you do is insert the opener under the root and lever it out!

Poisoning Poison Ivy:  To get rid of poison ivy in your garden or yard, mix a solution of 3 parts salt, 1/4 part dish soap and 2 parts hot water.  Soak the ivy with the mixture 2 or 3 times.












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